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For over 20 years, Scott Baker has performed as a solo artist and with the Scott Baker Band. Also known for his Mid-Michigan music journalism coverage and more recently the Michigan Music History Podcast (MMHP989), Scott continues to provide and support music from all eras across many entertainment outlets, influencers and historical standpoints.

With his new album Purpose arriving in early 2023, fans can expect to see the SBB and Scott solo performing regularly.


Hello Everyone,

What a year, eh? 2021 has been full of conflict and resolution. I’ve battled the Covid closures, cancellations and threats. Staying healthy and masking up here.

Having said that, I haven’t had this many shows in many years. Entertainment has made a huge comeback after 2020 and I took every opportunity available, protected, and gave 110%. There were a lot of highlights! The last past few weeks had two cancellations, yet our show with Brett Lucas Band remained and was pure bliss.

Above all, I thank each and every one of you for making it out, testing the water, leaving the bubble and attempting to live again. The Covid clouds loom, but we can work around it until it is gone. Thank YOU.

Purpose was written a year ago to be the next album. My busy music year and new job in April took me off track for early completion, but we are really working it still. It will be out in the new year. Purpose is still as valid and strong as I wrote it and I look forward to bringing you the music in 2022.

Hats off to Bob Hausler and Jeff Yantz for stepping into the band to help Timmy, Matt and myself as we navigated 2021 with departing band members. And a brief reuniting with John Cashman for the last show to fill in for Timmy. We couldn’t have done it without the three of you.

I’m thankful for the late year Deadgrass project at Brooklyn Boyz and the music I’ve been able to help produce in Harvest Canteen as well for artists, especially my pal Tomaz Goršič! Some great work!!

Also thanks to those of you that have been supporting my Michigan Music History Podcast. Gary Johnson, Fred Reif, and our team with Alan Garcia and Mike Beattie, it’s been an amazing journey since February. Much more to come!

Well—there’s an update. I hope to have more to say soon. Stay safe this coming year and enjoy the holidays. Music is Love is Best.

Hey Everyone—

My twins and their pal Hailey (and my pal Jeff!) helped me put together a version of Run Rudolph Run for the Covid 2020, holiday and Christmas season! It just went up 12/21/2020 and available to listen to on SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube, Reverbnation and a FREE download for you can be found on my Bandcamp page! Here is the link to YouTube:

Please enjoy! That’s Addison on bass, bells, sticks, and backing vocals. Hailey on bells and backing vocals. Dylan on snow shaker, drums and backing vocals. Jeff on piano and I picked up the lead vox and guitars!

A little bright light for you all, as I make my way forward on my next album. Follow me for up-to-date info on Facebook.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays,
Scott and the Twins
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